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Mindfulness is about being fully awake in our lives!

Jon Kabat-Zinn: Master the art of cultivating mindful attitudes and heartfelt qualities to enrich your daily life."

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It dosen't take a lot of time to allow these questions to be asked at any time, regardless of what I am doing or where I am. The real challenge lies in not forgetting to do this and continually reminding oneself to be present and mindful in the moment

Which thoughts do I have?

Which emotions am I feeling?

What bodily sensations do I have?

What do I see?

What do I taste at the moment?

What do I hear?

MBSR: What is Mindfulness and how can it help to cope with stress and anxiety?

Mindfulness is a path that teaches us to experience ourselves and the world in a vivid and immediate way. Through mindfulness we deal more consciously with our body, our thoughts, feelings and behavioral patterns and can thereby reduce inner stress and develop new possibilities for action.

Through continuous practice, participants in an MBSR course learn to quiet the mind and it is possible to experience periods of deep inner stillness and relaxation.

MBSR Course Contents

After an individual preliminary talk, the course includes 8 appointments (each 2.5 hours) and a one day retreat with the following content:

  • Mindfulness exercises while sitting, walking and lying down
  • Mindful bodywork, gentle yoga and stretching exercises
  • Short lessons and group discussions on key topics such as dealing with stress, pain and with difficult feelings.

With 3 exercise MP3s and a detailed course booklet, the exercises are practiced regularly at home. Regular practice is an essential element of mindfulness training in order to integrate the content of the program into everyday life, It is therefore assumed that you will be willing to set up an exercise time of approx. 30 to 45 minutes at home over a period of 8 weeks on 6 days a week.


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MBSR Course: What do my participants say

person in blue shorts sitting on beach shore during daytime

Mindfulness has shown me the deep meaning of being in the moment. It has opened my eyes to how beautiful the small things in life can be, which surround us at every moment. Even though not every moment is beautiful or pleasant, mindfulness allows me to deal better with every life situation.


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What's special about Deirdre's courses is her calm and clear voice, which reminds me of the peaceful silence in Ireland. She has a wonderful way of conveying mindfulness that deeply touches and has lasting impact on me.

Thomas G.

woman meditating on wooden dock during daytime

The MBSR course with Deirdre was an oasis of calm in my hectic daily life. Her gentle, melodic voice made it easy for me to relax and fully concentrate on the mindfulness exercises. I am grateful for this experience, which has helped me find a path to greater inner peace in my life.


man sitting on rock surrounded by water

The mindfulness training with Deirdre exceeded my expectations by far. I would have never thought that this conscious pause could provide so much strength. When everything seems to be getting over my head again, I take a break and can manage everyday life with renewed energy.



My MBSR courses have been reviewed and certified by the Central Prevention Examination Agency of the statutory health insurance companies as a successful method of health prevention, meaning that my MBSR courses meet the strict requirements and quality standards set for health promotion and prevention programs in Germany. This is a significant quality feature that offers additional security and confidence to you as a participant. Please contact your health insurance for more information on possible financial support for this course.

I offer these courses in the English language online via Zoom. Check out my zoom room.

As a teacher in the MBSR/MBCT professional association, I also commit to adhering to ethical guidelines and am subject to the association's quality control, which ensures regular participation in further education and meditation retreats.


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